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Grandad Peelie’s Special Mix


Weight: 250g

A top secret blend created by Robert’s grandson, David. Subtly sweet, with notes of apricot.

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  • Available in loose tea form only

The Story
In the early 1960’s, just after taking over the company, David Peel, grandson of R W Stokes, began to make some blending sheets for tea.  They were to offer suggestions in which teas would complement each other when blended.  David created a fusion of teas, sold at the High Bridge Café, and created one very good blend that he named ‘Peelie’s Special Mixture’.  His father tried it, agreed it was indeed a very good blend, but added a couple of secret ingredients.  He then promptly changed the name to ‘Grandad Peelie’s Mix’!!  Fifty years later, the secret is still kept in the family!

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