Odette at Stokes Collection Café

August 23, 2017

Odette at Stokes Collection Café

Odette at Stokes Collection Café on Saturday the 9th September.

Odette is a new, fresh and original talent with a smooth, seductive and soulful voice.

Singing on cruise ships to pay her way travelling the world has influenced Odette’s music, which does not fit any particular genre, but which is being highly praised by jazz audiences.

She performs to a backdrop of an expectionally lithe band of percussive instruments with cameos from a range of stringed instruments with rippling acoustic guitars to the fore.

“A star in the making… definetly one for the Summer playlist.” – Sunday Times



  • Odette – vocals, guitar
  • Stefanos Tsourelis – guitar, oud
  • Eric Ford – percussion
  • Mike Ikwuemesi – bass
  • Kartik Raghuntathan – violin


Tickets can be purchased by calling John Holland (Jazz Pac) on 01522 529 717.
Tickets are £14 per person, or £7 for students and unders 16s.